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Marguerite School

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Fairview School

These children in this class picture went to the old Fairview School around 1945

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Macedonia School

Click on picture for other pictures. (Reprinted from Citizen Tribune) Macedonia School met the educational needs of the children in north Hamblen County including those as far as Boatman’s Mountain. The school, a one-room building, was established in the late 1800s. Students attended grades one through eight at the school. Approximately three miles from Macedonia School was Holt’s School. Classes were held at Macedonia School until 1936 at which time seventh and eighth grade students were transported by bus to Holt’s School, a two-room building. Later in 1938, the entire student body of Macedonia was bused to Holt’s. G.W. Carmichael, Aileen Catron, Lena Moore, Marcus Hash, Edna Price, Richard Goodson, Jane Horner, Claude Thomas, Gladys Gregg, and Sarah Smith are some of the teachers who were associated with Macedonia School. The Macedonia property was sold to Carl and Annie Mae Spoone. The property was later deeded to the Spoon’s daughter, Carolyn. Carolyn has a home located on the property. Also established in the late 1800s, Holt’s School initially was located where Holt’s Church is now erected. A part of the old school building was left when the church was built. Holt’s School, a one-room school building, remained at its initial location until property was purchased a few miles from Noe’s Mill. This property was known as the Lloyd Davis property. Permission was granted in 192 by the school board to allow the church to conduct services in the school building until the school could be moved to the new location. In 1931-32, students enrolled in the new school for classes. Classes were held at this location until 1941. When Cherokee Lake was being created, the enrollment dropped and property on Macedonia Road was bought from Fred Nolan and William Taylor. Holt’s School was then moved to Macedonia Road. Some of he the teachers who rotated through Holt’s School include Pearl Davis, Ruth Goodson, Edna Price, Lucille Noe, Clarence Floree, Louise Brown, Garret Mayes, and Mattie Housley. In 1945 enrollment dropped as a result of families relocating to town and property taken when Cherokee Lake was created. The property and school were sold to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mayes and made into a dwelling. Students were then bused to Fairview which was a five-room building. Teachers at Fairview included Nannie Owens, Minnie Lester, Irene Marshall, Frances Hale, Nellie Davis, Annie Mae Spoone, and Lloyd Rich. As the population grew in the community, Fairview-Marguerite School was built. Initially the school was 12 rooms. Several additions have been made. Currently it has more than 400 students.

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Holt's School

Holt’s School 1943-44 class included on the bottom row L.N. Dalton, Faye Nolen, Richard Harbin. On the second row, Willard Manison, Annie Gilbert, Grover Gilbert, Charles Moyers, Jean Moyers, Bill Nolen, Bill Morrison. On the third row are Ray Dalton, Richard Harbin, Sonny Hatfield, Ernest Noe.

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