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Attendance Department

Every day counts!

All children have a right to a good education and ensuring your child attends school on a regular basis is extremely important to the educational process. Every day a child is out of school means they are missing an opportunity to be exposed to teachers that are highly trained in transferring knowledge. Teachers spend their careers, honing their skills, to get better at engaging student learning in the classroom.
If a student is missing school on a regular basis they are not getting the same opportunity that other students get that are there every day. Research shows poor performance in school is often linked to poor attendance rates. One may think a student that has a ninety percent attendance rate is doing well, however it also means they were absent ten percent of the time, which translates into approximately eighteen days of school a year. In ten years, that equals a whole year of school that has been missed. If you look at it that way, is that child getting their fair share of education? As parents, we all want the best for our children and it is important that we all realize every day counts.