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"Connecting Schools and Parents Together"

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Single Login Account - allows parents and guardians to access all of their students' records with a single login account
Please read the Parent Set-Up Guide  and view the Single Login Set-Up Tutorial Video for detailed instructions.

Personalized Account - allows parents and guardians to each have their own account.  There can be multiple parent/guardian accounts per student, and multiple students per parent/guardian account.
Personalized Email Preferences - allows parents/guardians to maintain personalized email preferences for their own account. 
Establish Parent/Guardian Account - leveraging the existing guardian web id and password as the authentication credentials, this functionality allows parents/guardians to create their own account, provided they have a minimum of one set of authentication credentials.
Auto-Recovery of Login Information - allows parents/guardians the ability to auto-recover their login information. 
Note: Transcripts of these videos are available when clicking the link above.