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Mission, Goals and Benefits


"To enhance the physical, mental, and social well-being of the students and staff in the Hamblen County school community with the support of families, communities and schools."


1.      Establish and maintain state and local partnerships necessary to

         implement the CSH  model.

2.      Create awareness about the importance of students’ health and

         wellness to their academic success and prospects for future work.

3.      Maximize the ability of each school in Hamblen County to adopt

         and implement the CSH model by providing resources, materials

         and technical assistance to meet the needs of that school.

4.      Promote a healthy school environment in all Hamblen County schools.

5.      Provide education and needs assessment for monitoring CSH in

         each school.


*Increased the number of students who received screening to include

 Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood pressure

*Reduced Absenteeism

*Improved nurse-to-student ratios resulting in increased class time

*Increased access to health care services

*Increased health education

*Improved student performance

*Students acquire information and skills for making healthy

 decisions for life