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Middle School Math/A Parent's Guide to SPI

This link can help you help your middle school student with Math

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6th Grade Math by SPI
7th Grade Math by SPI
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Parents may use this information to assist their middle school student/students with the subject of Mathematics.

Each SPI is listed with links to good resources that will help a student with mastering that particular skill.

These documents are also attached for you to download at the right of this page.


6th Grade Math Resources by SPI


SPI 0606.1.1

Make conjectures and predictions based on data.

Collection of Making Predictions Activities

Making Math Predictions Practice

SPI 0606. 3.6

Select the qualitative graph that models a contextual situation (e.g., water filling then draining from a bathtub).

Qualitative Graphs in Contextual Situation Activities

SPI 0606.1.2

Judge the reasonableness of the results of rational number estimates and/or computations.

Interactive Lesson:  Judge the Reasonableness of the Answer

SPI 0606.1.2

Judge the reasonableness of the results of rational number estimates and/or computations.

Reasonableness Resources

Texas Instruments Estimation Activity

SPI 0606.1.3

Use concrete, pictorial, and symbolic representation for integers.

State of TN Study Partner: Representing Integers (Download)

State of TN Representing Integers Note Sheet

Integer Representation Online Game

Representing Integers Practice

SPI 0606.1.4

Select the representation that models one of the arithmetic properties (commutative, associative, or distributive)

Cool Math: Arithmetic Properties

Arithmetic Properties Smart Board Lessons

SPI 0606.1.5

Model algebraic expressions using algebra tiles. 

Algebra Tiles Smart Board Lessons

Free Printable Algebra Tiles

SPI 0606.2.1

Solve the problems involving the multiplication and division of fractions

TNDOE Podcast: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions (Download)

Fractions Podcast Note Sheet

Multiplying Fractions Resources

Dividing Fractions Resources

SPI 0606.2.2

Solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of mixed numbers.

TNDOE Podcast: Multiplying and Dividing Mixed Numbers (Download)

Mixed Numbers Podcast Note Sheet

Fractions SMART Board Lessons

Fractions Operations Resources

Rules for Operations With Fractions

SPI 0606.2.3

Solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals.

TNDOE Podcast: Working with Decimals (Download)

Collection of Decimals Resources

Decimals Interactive Practice

Enchanted Learning Decimals Resources

SPI 0606.2.4

Solve multi-step arithmetic problems using fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.

Collection of Fraction Resources

Interactive Fraction Arithmetic Practice

Additional Fraction Arithmetic Resources

Fractions Activities with Shapes

TNDOE Podcast: Multi-Step Arithmetic Problems (Download)

­­­Multi-Step Problems Podcast Note Sheet

TNDOE Podcast: Transforming Numbers (Download)

Multi-step Fractions Resources

Online Multi-Step Problems Tutorial

Collection of Operations Videos

SPI 0606.2.5

Transform numbers from one form to another (fractions, decimals, percents, and mixed numbers).

Mixed to Improper Practice

Fractions to Decimals Practice

Understanding Percents

Percents Practice

SPI 0606.2.6

Solve problems involving ratios, rates, and percents

Collection of Rates, Ratios, and Probabilities Resources

Teaching Ratios

Ratios, Rates, and Percents Smart Board Lessons

Ratios, Rates, Percents Online Game

SPI 0606.2.8

Locate integers on the number line.

Integers and Number Lines Online Lesson

Integers and Number Lines Online Practice

SPI 0606.3.1

Represent on a number line the solution of a linear inequality.

Streaming Videos: Inequalities on Number Lines

Inequalities and Number Line Online Lesson

SPI 0606.3.2

Use order of operations and parentheses to simplify expressions and solve problems.

Order of Operations Online Lesson and Practice

SPI 0606.3.3

Write equations that correspond to given situations or represent a given mathematical relationship.

Algebra Lab: Real World Equations

Math Warehouse: Equations in the Real World

SPI 0606.3.4

Rewrite expressions to represent quantities in different ways.

Collection of Rewriting Expressions Activities

SPI 0606.3.5

Translate between verbal expressions/sentences and algebraic expressions/equations. 

Translating Algebra Online Lesson

Algebra Lab: Translating Verbal Algebra

SPI 0606.3.6

Solve two-step linear equations using number sense, properties, and inverse operations.

Algebra Lab: 2 Step Equations 2 Step Equations

Two-Step Equations Smart Board Lessons

SPI 0606.3.7

Use algebraic expressions and properties to analyze numeric and geometric patterns. 

Collection of Using Algebraic Expressions Activities

SPI 0606.3.8

Select the qualitative graph that models a contextual situation (e.g., water filling then draining from a bathtub)

SPI 0606.3.9

Graph ordered pairs of integers in all four quadrants of the Cartesian coordinate system.

Ordered Pairs Smart Board Lessons

Ideas for Teaching Graphing Ordered Pairs

SPI 0606.4.1

Identify, define, or describe geometric shapes given a visual representation or a written description of its properties.

Geometric Shapes Resources

SPI 0606.4.2

Find a missing angle measure in problems involving interior/exterior angles and/or their sums.

Missing Angle Measure Resources

SPI 0606.4.3

Solve problems using the Triangle Inequality Theorem.

Triangle Inequality Theorem Resources

SPI 0606.4.4

Calculate with circumferences and area of circles.

Circumference Resources

SPI 0606.4.5

Determine the surface area and volume of prisms, pyramids, and cylinders.

Surface Area and Volume Resources

SPI 0606.4.6

Given the volume of a cone/pyramid, find the volume of the related cylinder/prism or vice versa.

Related Figures Volume Resources

SPI 0606.5.1

Determine the theoretical probability of simple and compound events in familiar contexts.

Probability Online Tutorial and Exercise

Online Probability Games

Probability Smart Board Lessons

Probability Activities

SPI 0606.5.2

Identify features of graphs that may be misleading.

State of TN Podcast: Misleading Graphs (Download)

Podcast Study Guide: Misleading Graphs

Brain Pop:  Graphs

Misleading Graphs Lesson

Interactive Questions about Misleading Graphs

Example of Misleading Graphs

Misleading Graphs PPT

SPI 0606.5.3

Determine whether or not a sample is biased.

State of TN Podcast:  Biased Sample

Podcast Study Guide:  Biased Sample

Examples of Biased Samples

Authentic Biased Sample Activity

Glencoe Lesson on Sample Bias

Explanation of Biased Sample

TN Dept of Education Podcast:  Biased Sample

Biased Sample Podcast Worksheet



7th Grade Math Resources by SPI


SPI 0706.1.1

Use proportional reasoning to solve mixture/concentration problems.

State of TN Podcast: Proportional Reasoning (Download)

Podcast Study Guide:  Proportional Reasoning

Mixture and Concentration Problems Tutorial

Proportional Reasoning Practice and Activities

Proportional Reasoning Study Toolkit

SPI 0706.1.2

Generalize a variety of patterns to a symbolic rule from tables, graphs, or words.

Resources for Using Math Patterns

Graphing Project

Misleading Graphs and Statistics

SPI 0706.1.3

Recognize whether information given in a table, graph, or formula suggests a directly proportional, linear, inversely proportional, or other nonlinear relationship.

Collection of Graph Resources

SPI 0706.1.4

Use scale to read maps.

14 Activities Using Map Scale

Scale and Distance PPT

TNDOE Podcast: Using Scale to Read a Map (Download)

Scale Podcast Note Sheet

Collection of Map Scale Activities

SPI 0706.2.1

Simplify numerical expressions involving rational numbers.

State of TN Podcast: Simplifying Expressions (Download)

Podcast Study Guide:  Simplifying Expressions

Properties of Rational Numbers Flash Cards

Brain Pop:  Rational Numbers

Rational Numbers PPT

SPI 0706.2.3

Use rational numbers and roots of perfect squares/cubes to solve contextual problems.

Brain Pop:  Square Roots

Square Roots Lesson Plan

SPI 0706.2.4

Determine the approximate location of square/cube roots on a number line.

Video:  Graphing Square Roots on a Number Line

Estimating Square Roots on a Number Line PPT

SPI 0706.2.5

Solve contextual problems that involve operations with integers.

Contextual Integer Resources

SPI 0706.2.6

Express the ratio between two quantities as a percent and a percent as a ratio for a fraction.

Ratios Resources

Online Ratio Lesson

Percents are Ratios Lesson

TNDOE Podcast: Converting Ratios and Percents (Download)

Converting Ratios Podcast Note Sheet

Teaching Ratio and Proportions

Collection of Ratios and Proportions Links

SPI 0706.2.7

Use ratios and proportions to solve problems.

Collection of Ratio and Percent Resources

Interactive Ratio Lesson and Practice     

Ratios and Proportions PPT

TNDOE Podcast: Using Ratio and Proportion to Solve Problems (Download)

Using Ratio Podcast Note Sheet

Ratio and Proportion Word Problem Strategies

Ratio Word Problems

SPI 0706.3.1

Evaluate algebraic expressions involving rational values of coefficients and/or variables.

Collection of Algebraic Expressions Resources

SPI 0706.3.2

Determine whether a relationship (represented in various ways) is a function.

Relations and Functions Online Resources

SPI 0706.3.3

Given a table of inputs x and outputs f(x), identify the function rule and continue the pattern.

Collection of Function Input Resources

SPI 0706.3.4

Interpret the slope of a line as a unit rate given the graph of a proportional relationship.

Slope Online Tutorial

Finding Slope Streaming Video

Collection of Slope Online Resources

SPI 0706.3.5

Represent proportional relationships with equations, tables, and graphs.

Collection of Online Proportion Resources

Proportional Relationships Online Game

SPI 0706.3.6

Solve linear equations with rational coefficients.

Collection of Linear Equations with Rational Coefficients Resources

SPI 0706.3.7

Translate between verbal and symbolic representations of real-world phenomena involving linear equations.

Translating Algebra Online Lesson

Algebra Lab: Translating Verbal Algebra

SPI 0706.3.8

Solve contextual problems involving two-step linear equations.

Algebra Lab: 2 Step Equations 2 Step Equations

SPI 0706.3.9

Solve linear inequalities in one variable with rational coefficients symbolically or graphically.

Constant Rate of Change Resources

SPI 0706.4.1

Solve contextual problems involving similar triangles.

Similar Triangle Online Tutorial and Practice

Collection of Similar Triangle Resources

SPI 0706.4.2

Use SSS, SAS, AA to determine if two triangles are similar.

Collection of SSS, SAS, and AA Online Resources

SPI 0706.4.3

Apply scale factor to solve problems involving area and volume.

Online Scale Factor Resources

Scale Factor Online Game

Scale Factor PPT

SPI 0706.5.1

Interpret and employ various graphs and charts to represent data.

Graphs and Charts Resources

SPI 0706.5.2

Select suitable graph types (such as bar graphs, histograms, line graphs, circle graphs, stem-and-leaf plots) and use them to create accurate representations of given data.

Suitable Graph Types Resources

SPI 0706.5.3

Calculate and interpret the mean, median, upper-quartile, lower-quartile, and interquartile range of a set of data.

Mean, Median, and Quartile Range Resources

SPI 0706.5.4

Use theoretical probability to make predictions.

Theoretical Probability Tutorial Video

Theoretical Probability Activities


8th Grade Math Resources by SPI


SPI 0806.1.1

Solve problems involving rate/time/distance (i.e., d=rt)

State of TN Podcast: Finding Rate, Time, and Distance (Download)

Podcast Study Guide: Rate, Time, and Distance

Distance Problems Interactive Site

D=RT Practice Problems

SPI 0806.1.2

Interpret a qualitative graph representing a contextual situation.

Qualitative Graphs Online Lesson

Qualitative Graphs Online Resources

SPI 0806.1.3

Calculates rates involving cost per unit to determine the best buy.

TN Dept of Educ Podcast: Determining the Best Buy

TN Dept of Educ Podcast Notetaking Sheet

Cost Per Unit Activities

SPI 0806.2.1

Order and compare rational and irrational numbers and locate on the number line.

TN Dept of Education Podcast:  Ordering and Comparing Rational and Irrational Numbers (Download)

Podcast Note Sheet

Ordering Numbers Activity

Collections of Resources for Ordering and Comparing Numbers

Ordering Rational Numbers Video

SPI 0806.2.2

Identify numbers and square roots as rational or irrational.

Rational vs. Irrational Online Lesson

SPI 0806.2.3

Use scientific notation to compute products and quotient.

25 Activities and Resources for Using Scientific Notation To Compute

Scientific Notation Practice Lessons

Scientific Notation Lesson PPT

Calculations Using Scientific Notation Lesson

SPI 0806.2.4

Solve real-world problems requiring scientific notation.

Word Problems Using Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation in Everyday Life

Real World Scientific Notation Lesson

SPI 0806.3.1

Find solutions to systems of two linear equations in two variables.

Equations in Two Variables Online Tutorial

SPI 0806.3.2

Solve the linear equation f(x)=g(x)

Linear Equations Online Resources

Collection of Online Resources

SPI 0806.3.3

Solve and graph linear inequalities in two variables

Algebra Lab: Inequalities in Two Variables

Graphing Linear Inequalities Online Tutorial

SPI 0806.3.4

Translate between various representations of a linear function.

Linear Functions Online Activity

SPI 0806.3.5

Determine the slope of a line from an equation, two given points, a table, or a graph

Determining Slope Online Lesson

Slope Online Tutorial

Finding Slope Streaming Video

Collection of Slope Online Resources

SPI 0806.3.6

Analyze the graph of a linear function to find solutions and intercepts.

Collection of Graphs of Functions Resources

SPI 0806.3.7

Identify, compare and contrast functions as linear or nonlinear.

Nonlinear Functions Resources

Linear and Nonlinear Examples and Practice

SPI 0806.4.1

Use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve contextual problems.

State of TN Study Partner: Pythagorean Theorem (Download)

State of TN Study Partner Pythagorean Note Sheet

SPI 0806.4.2

Apply the Pythagorean Theorem to find distances between points in the coordinate plane to measure lengths and analyze polygons and polyhedra.

Using the Pythagorean Theorem Resources

Applying Pythagorean Theorem Online Resources

SPI 0806.4.3

Find measures of the angles formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal.

Angles and Transversals Think Quest

SPI 0806.4.4

Convert between and within the U.S. Customary System and the metric systems.

TN Dept of Educ Podcast: US Customary and Metric System

TN Dept of EDUC Podcast Notetaking Sheet

Collection of Currency Conversion Activities

SPI 0806.4.5

Identify the intersection of two or more geometric figures in the plane. 

Intersecting Planes Online Lesson

Collection of Intersecting Planes Resources

SPI 0806.5.1

Calculate probabilities of events for simple experiments with equally probable outcomes.

Collection of Online Probability Resources

SPI 0806.5.2

Use a variety of methods to compute probabilities for compound events (e.g., multiplication, organized lists, tree diagrams, area models).

Collection of Multiple Event Probability Resources

SPI 0806.5.3

Generalize the relationship between two sets of data using scatter plots and lines of best fit.

Scatter Plots Power Point

Scatter Plot Activity

Interactive Site Exploring Real-World Use of Scatter Plots

Scatter Plots Online Tutorial

SPI 0806.5.4

Recognize misrepresentations of published data in the media

Collection of Media Misrepresentation of Data Resources