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Adult Ed Offers GED Prep Classes

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One in five Tennesseans do not have a high school diploma.  When you consider tomorrow's jobs have not yet been created, educating our work force has never been as crucial.

The Hamblen County Adult Education Program provides the necessary basic education skills for individuals without a high school diploma who are looking to pass the GED exam.  Most adults who take the GED (General Educational Development) exam do so to increase their employment options through obtaining a new job, securing a promotion in their present job, or enrolling in occupational or postsecondary education to train for a new career.  Without at least a high school credential, opportunities for employment advancement and higher wages are extremely limited.

When businesses are looking to relocate in an area, they want to know the educational level of a community.  Having a program that offers a second chance for adults to come back to school and get the GED diploma can raise the educational level, which may help attract better paying jobs.  Adult Education makes a contribution to the educational level and economic development of our country.

 The GED exam is a seven-and-one-half hour comprehensive exam that measures reading, writing and math skills.  It also tests in the areas of science, social studies and literature.  Once a student has received the GEC diploma, it shows an employer that the individual can read, write and do math at a high school level.  It also shows the student has the ability to learn and to make any necessary sacrifices to finish something started.

 The Hamblen County Adult Education Program offers free GED classes, English as a Second Language, and basic literacy classes.  Included in the program is a complete assessment component establishing a baseline skill level, and post tests for tracking student progress.  After passing the official practice test, the student is ready for the GED exam.

 Adult Education contributes to a better educated workforce, and assists parents in obtaining the educational skills necessary to become full partners in the educational development of their children.  It also assists adults in enrolling and completion of secondary educationTo enroll in GED classes you must be at least 18 years of age.  To get more information about enrolling in classes or questions about the GED, call 423-581-5812.