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CTE Document Download

Note:  Document(s) on HCDOE web pages have been provided in PDF format. 
A PDF reader is required to view the document(s).  If you do not currently have a PDF reader installed on your computer, you may download a free reader at the website below.
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If for any reason you are unable to view the provided document(s), please contact (423) 586-7700, ext. 32063 and an alternative method of sharing this information will be determined.


Folder eTIGER Help (2 Files)
pdf file Teacher Tutorial
pdf file Special Needs Students in CTE Resource Booklet
Folder Rubric Forms (2 Files)
pdf file CTE Rubric
pdf file Rubric Brochure
Folder CTE Recruitment Video from West High School (1 Files)
WindowsMediaPlayer file CTE Recruitment for West High
Folder Lists of STEP Participants (3 Files)
pdf file 12 Advanced Manufacturing Sites STEPs
pdf file ACT STEPs Focus Groups
pdf file Universities STEPs
Folder Work Ethic Diploma (3 Files)
pdf file Work Ethic Diploma Standards
pdf file Work Ethic Diploma Industry Partners
pdf file Work Ethic Diploma Check List
Folder Career Cluster Booklets (14 Files)
pdf file Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Cluster Booklet
pdf file Architecture & Construction Cluster Booklet
pdf file Business, Management, and Administration Cluster Booklet
pdf file Education & Training Cluster Booklet
pdf file Finance Cluster Booklet
pdf file Health Science Cluster Booklet
pdf file Hospitality & Tourism Cluster Booklet
pdf file Human Services Cluster Booklet
pdf file Information Technology Cluster Booklet
pdf file Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security Cluster Booklet
pdf file Manufacturing Cluster Booklet
pdf file Marketing, Sales, & Service Cluster Booklet
pdf file Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Cluster Booklet
pdf file Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Cluster Booklet
Folder Competency Forms (72 Files)
Sub Folder Agriculture Competency Forms (11 Files)
pdf file 5151 Agricultural Mechanics and Maintenance
pdf file 5152 Agricultural Power and Equipment
pdf file 5154 Principles of Agriculture Sciences
pdf file 5155 Advanced Principles of Agriculture
pdf file 5161 Plant and Soil Science
pdf file 5163 Landscaping and Turf Management
pdf file 5164 Floral Design
pdf file 5165 Forestry Management
pdf file 5167 Greenhouse Management
pdf file 5174 Wildlife Management and Recreation
pdf file 5184 Principles of Horticulture Sciences
Sub Folder Business Competency Forms (12 Files)
pdf file 3707 Business Management
pdf file 3718 Computer Applications
pdf file 3719 American Business Legal Systems
pdf file 3730 Integrated Input Technologies
pdf file 3735 Database Design Management
pdf file 3741 Desktop Publishing
pdf file 3760 Webpage Design eCommerce
pdf file 3761 JAVA
pdf file 3766 Personal Finance
pdf file 3775 Keyboarding Document Formatting
pdf file 3779 Accounting I
pdf file 3780 Accounting II
Sub Folder Family & Consumer Science Competency Forms (8 Files)
pdf file 5603 Family and Consumer Sciences
pdf file 5606 Family and Parenting Education
pdf file 5609 Nutrition and Foods
pdf file 5614 Housing
pdf file 5622 Teaching as a Profession
pdf file 5623 Life Connections
pdf file 5625 Child and Lifespan Development
pdf file 5626 Interior Design
Sub Folder Health Science Competency Forms (8 Files)
pdf file 5503 Rehabilitative Therapies
pdf file 5504 Health Science Education
pdf file 5505 Health Informatics
pdf file 5506 Medical Therapeutics
pdf file 5507 Nursing Education
pdf file 5510 Emergency Medical Services
pdf file 5512 Anatomy and Physicology
pdf file 5514 Forensic Science
Sub Folder Marketing Competency Forms (5 Files)
pdf file 5000 Marketing and Management I Principles
pdf file 5003 Travel and Tourism Operations
pdf file 5005 Entrepreneurship
pdf file 5023 Sports and Entertainment Marketing
pdf file 5030 Marketing and Management I Principles
Sub Folder Trade & Industry Competency Forms (22 Files)
pdf file 5330 Criminal Justice I
pdf file 5331 Criminal Justice II
pdf file 5338 Principles of Cosmetology
pdf file 5339 Design Principles of Cosmetology
pdf file 5340 Chemistry of Cosmetology
pdf file 5701 Career Management Success
pdf file 5702 Transportation Core
pdf file 5710 Automotive Suspension and Steering
pdf file 5712 Automotive Brake Systems
pdf file 5713 Automotive Electrical and Electronics Systems
pdf file 5730 Construction Core
pdf file 5731 Carpentry I
pdf file 5732 Carpentry II
pdf file 5763 Media Concepts
pdf file 5764 Electronic Media Production
pdf file 5789 Advanced Computer Aided Drafting
pdf file 5791 Principles of Engineering (PLTW)
pdf file 5792 Digital Electronics
pdf file 5793 Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW)
pdf file 5794 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (PLTW)
pdf file 5795 Civil Engineering and Architecture (PLTW)
pdf file 5796 Aerospace Engineering
Sub Folder Middle School Competency Forms (4 Files)
pdf file 735 Inventions and Innovations
pdf file 739 Teen Living
pdf file 835 Technological Systems
pdf file 839 Teen Living
Sub Folder Identifiers (2 Files)
pdf file Identifier sheet.pdf
pdf file Identifier sheet 2.pdf
Folder Discover Your Talent (8 Files)
gif file Career And Technical Talents
gif file Agriculture Talents
gif file Business Technology Talents
gif file Family and Consumer Science Talents
gif file Health Science Talents
gif file Marketing Talents
gif file Technology Engineering Talents
gif file Trade and Industry Talents