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Professional Development Document Uploads

Folder Keith Polette, Writing for Success 2012 (1 Files)
pdf file Writing for Success
Folder Motivating the Unmotivated (2 Files)
pdf file Motivating Handout
pdf file Motivating Handout Key
Folder Rick Duvall, Summer 2012 (2 Files)
pdf file Reading Beyond the Text
pdf file Shared Reading
Folder Tech Smarter, Not Harder (1 Files)
pdf file Teach Smarter Not Harder Handout.pdf
Folder Effective Instructional Strategies for Grades 6-12 on June 9, 2010 (4 Files)
doc file Examples
doc file Ideas for Interactive Student Notebooks
pdf file Interactive Notebook
doc file ISN Table of Contents
Folder Middle School Math Training, Tammy Jones-5/6/2011 (16 Files)
pdf file NCTM Process Standards
doc file Mathematician`s Notebook Assessment
doc file Mathematician`s Notebook Directions
pdf file Mathematician`s Notebook Presentation
doc file Mathematician`s Notebook Rubric
pdf file 100s Chart
pdf file Communication and the Manufacturing Process
pdf file Do I Have to Mow the Whole Thing?
pdf file Four Fold Notes
pdf file Intersection of 2D Figures
pdf file Mathematics Trade Books
pdf file Multirepresentational Model
pdf file Surface Area Volume
doc file Tammy Jones Resources
pdf file Vee Numbers Student
pdf file Vee Numbers Teacher
Folder Math Academy 07/27/10 "Balance Math" Document (1 Files)
doc file Balanced Math Document 07/27/10
Folder Writing Academy 07/28/10-Document Downloads (4 Files)
pdf file Expository-Writing-Ideas
doc file Story Planner Score 4
doc file Writing Process Connection to Traits
doc file Writing Process Connection to Traits 01