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Math Calculators

Math Calculators!

You’ve probably already used a basic calculator in your math class. Did you know that there are also many other kinds of calculators? If you think about it, we can use math to measure and calculate all sorts of things, from climate, to shopping, cooking, saving money, converting measurements, and plenty more! Normally, the long way to do this is by working it out in your mind, or doing the calculations yourself on paper. A slightly quicker way to do this is by using a standard calculator. However, the Internet is so useful that many people have programmed very special types of calculators. For example, remember what you ate for lunch today? What do you think the nutritional value of that food was? And was it very healthy by today’s official standards? While it would take quite a long time to figure out all of that, you could simply access a food nutrition calculator online and punch in the basic details to find out all of that information!

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