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ELMO List of Ideas
This website is intended for professional educators.  It is not intended for student use.
Math Curriculum Map/Pacing Guide Resources
0406.2.1 Online Quiz

0406.2.11 Comparing Fractions (Interactive)

0406.2.11 Links to Multiplication Interactive Practice

0406.2.11 Multiplication
Login: Hamblen  Password: County
0406.2.3 Place Value Online Practice

0406.2.3 Place Value Review & Quiz

0406.2.5 Death to Decimals

0406.2.5 The Decifractator (Converter)

0406.2.6 Comparing Fractions and Decimals (Interactive)

0406.2.6 Ordering Decimals (Interactive)

0406.2.6 Ordering Decimals Game

0406.3.2 Fun Brain Number Patterns

0406.3.2 Understanding Patterns

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Smart Board Websites
Smart Tech
This website offers activities organized by TN state standard.
Curriculum Resources
Internet 4 Classrooms
Activities correlated to standards.
STEMS (Inquiry, Lab Safety, & Virtual Field Trips)

Ø Teams of Tennessee teachers carefully searched the Internet to find valuable places where STEM educators can gather information about topics and themes such as inquiry, lab safety, and virtual field trips.

STEMS Resources

This is the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics website; it offers a wealth of resources for science and math.

*Note:  This is the website that links to released tests from all over the U.S.

Sullivan County Schools
New standards; includes activity links and writing prompts.
Classroom Activities for Math Using Technology

Conjectures (Example)

Polyhedral Solids
Geometry - Interactive
Includes polyhedral solids, surface area, and volume.
Grade 4 Test Prep
This site is labeled for 4th grade, however, it is applicable to 5th grade, too.  The standards are worded differently but very closely correlated to ours.  The link for 5th grade is listed below.
Grade 5 Math Multiple Choice Archive

Grade 5 Test Prep
Excellent site!

Math Challenges
Opportunities for advanced learners.
Math Released Standardized Tests (Texas)

Math Standards Correlation (IXL)

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Plane/Solid/Coordinate Geometry
This site incudes transformations, volume, coodinate plane, etc.
Standardized Test Item Finder

Suggested states:  TX, CT, FL, and GA

Pearson writes the tests for TX and GA.

Surface Area (Box Folding Activity)
Includes templates.
The Decifractator
Covert fractions to decimals.
XP Math
Check out the math careers link.  (GLE 0506.1.7 Embedded Inquiry)
Math Correlation - Knox County

Houghton Mifflin Science

Signs of Fall - Phenology Checklist

Standardized Test Item Finder

Suggested states:  TX, FL, CT, and GA.

Pearson writes the tests for FL and GA.

Test Link (Doris)
Just testing.
Test Practice - Released Tests
This links you to the released standardized tests from Texas.  

R.A.F.T. Writing Activities

Right-Brained Activities

No one writes with just the right side of his/her brain. The human brain is too complex and too cross-wired to ever believe that.

We do believe this too: Ideas that spark a writer's inspiration can start on the right-side of the brain.  And for that reason, all writing activities categorized on this page celebrate a right-brained approach to beginning a piece of writing.  This page celebrates approaches that are serendipitous and random.  This page celebrates approaches that are recklessly creative.   Devote part of your journal or your writer's notebook to ideas produced by right-brained prompts.

Santa Maria Bonita - Writing

Tennessee Department of Education
This link is a resource that includes the state writing rubric, explanation of scoring process, anchor papers, and all the state writing prompts back to 1998.
The Writing Fix
This website is rich with writing resources, including lists of literature that can be used to teach each of the six traits of writing.
Writing Prompts

Language Arts
Santa Maria Bonita
Activities linked to Houghton Mifflin reading series.
Test Practice - Released Tests
This site offers released standardized items from Texas.  The format is very similar to the TCAP.