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Sarah`s Links
Backpack Engineering Activity

Bioengineering Activity

Bioengineering PPT

Compare and Contrast Spring Neap Tides

Engineering Design Process PPT

Lima Bean Experiment

New American Lecture - Fossil Fuels

New American Lecture Physical VS Chemical Changes

Paper Planes Experiment

Physical or Chemical

Scientific Method Task Rotation

Solar / Lunar Eclipse Compare and Contrast

Sound Task Rotation

Sound Task Rotation

Task Rotation Fossil and Rocks

Task Rotation Plate Tectonics

Three's a Crowd Vocabulary

Three's a Crowd Vocabulary

Water Cycle Task Rotation

Language Arts/ Reading
Bridge to Terebithia Task Rotation

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Social Studies / Geography
6th Grade Social Studies Bell Ringers

Across Five Aprils PPT (Civil War)

American Revolution Task Rotation

Andrew Jackson PPT

Andrew Jacksons policy toward Native Americans

Caste System Task Rotation

Causes of Civil War

Civil War Life as A Soldier

Civil War Project PPT

Compare and Contrast Buddhism and Hinduism

Continental Congress PPT

Economics of Early Tennessee

Election of 1840

Geography of Map PPT

Geography Unit on Maps

Hiroshima Task Rotation

Important BAttles of the Civil War

PPT 1850's Road To Secession

Task Rotation Egypt

Task Rotation Mesopotamia

Task Rotation Rome

Tennessee The Age of Jackson

The Mexican War PPT

The Thirteen Original Colonies PPT


US History tension between US / Britain