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Shanna`s Links
Common Core
CC math resources Cleveland Co., NC

Curriculum Corner

Common Core Informational Text

Text Feature Game

Text features and illustrations

Text Features and Illustrations 2

West view

Misc. teacher helps/ Smartboard
Classroom management/helps

Teacher helps

Second grade links
Jessica Winston

Melissa Wade blog

90 Most Common Misspelled Words

Fun With Spelling

HM Differentiated Spelling Lists for Third Grade

Look, Cover, Spell

More spelling

See and Spell

Spell a roo game (Ach. review)

Spelling Words

Throw the bug game

Vicky Moore's spelling

Task Cards
Misc. Task cards

Mastery Club (2nd and 3rd)
2nd gr. Mastery Club (Challenging Activities)

Back to Jill Fishburn's Main Web Page
Back to Jill Fishburn's Main Web Page

Blank Gameboards

Open-ended Gameboards

Handwriting Interactive

Higher Order Thinking Questions
Great Higher Level Thinking

Higher Order Thinking Questions

Language Arts
Adjective lesson

Adjective list

adverb activities

Adverb List

Colorful parts of Speech Lesson

Language Arts Interactive Sites

Lessons for Combining Sentences

Parts of Speech review game grade 3

Subject-predicate match up game

Links to Web Sites With Standards
Track Star


2nd grade fraction game

2nd grade fraction interactive activities

3rd grade math interactive activities

AAA math for all grade levels

Calendar interactive

Coin Poem

Cool Math 4 kids web site

Describe Patterns Review

Dositey web site

Equivalent Customary Measurement

Flat & Solid Shapes Review

Fraction Frenzy

Fraction Fun

Fractions w/ number lines

game comparing fractions

Hot Chalk Math lesson plans for 2/3

Interactive 100's chart

Into fractions

Lots of Fraction games

Lots of math measurement games

Lots of math power points

Make Estimates When Measuring

Math Fact Printables

Math Facts Games

Math Games & Worksheets (1st & 2nd)

Math Games & Worksheets (3rd, 4th)

Math links

Math smartboard

More word problems

Mulimedia Math Glossary

place value smartboard games

Playing card game "Decison Maker"

Playing card game "Decison Maker" Addition

Playing card game "Find It"

Problem of the Day

Question of the day


Softschools 3rd grade

Solving Real Life Problem Song

Songs for Teaching Math (all grades)

Super teacher word problems

Telling Time Review

Timer for class

Word Problems for all grades

Practice Assessments
2nd grade Math Assessments from N.C.

Georgia 2nd grade

Illinois Practice 3rd grade

Lots of practice tests for 2nd grade

Practice Tests for 2/3

Return to Jill's Main Web Page
Return to Jill's Main Web Page

assessment review for second grade

assessment review for third grade

Bayvale practice 2nd grade

Bayvale practice 3rdd grade

Elementary Test Prep for all grades

Lots of videos- all subjects

My testbook practice tests for all grades

Reading practice assessment for 2nd grade

Review for Science etc.

review smartboard

2nd grade websites, power points, and smartboard lessons

Bug Books, Poems, Songs, and Activities

Chemical Compounds

E is for Explore

Earth and Moon Viewer

Energy & the Environment

Energy and Matter

fossil facts and activities

Fossweb / all grades

Hibernation concentration game

Interactive Solar System



Making Fossils

Planet Pursuit interactive game

Science Acitivities and Recipes

Science Lesson Plans & Activities

Science Power Points

Simple machines, birds, mammals

Simple Tools lesson

Solar System 1

Solar System 2

Songs for Teaching Science

Space Interactive

Space Interactive game

Space National Geographic

Space songs and poems

Space Views

Steve Spangler's Science Experiments

The Earth and Beyond

Weather patterns

Third Grade Links
Michelle Krill- 3rd grade teacher

Mrs. Griffin (lots of everything)

Okaloosa schools

Vocabulary Lessons
Dolch Word Lists

Teacher Planet Voc. Lessons

Vocabulary lessons and games

6 trait writing
6-trait for primary

Don't Use Said (Synonyms)

Graphic Organizers

lesson plans

Lesson Plans for 6-trait writing with Picture books


scoring helps

Stationary for 2nd grade

Thesaurus, rhyming words for writing


Writing in Science

Computer Learning Games
Advanced Alphabetizing 3rd Grade

Around the World in 80 Days

Comparing Number Values 2nd Grade

Division Math Magician

Fun School

fun school interactive/ all sugjects


Globe Navigator

Grammar Blast - The Sentence

Great Science Games & Worksheets


Math Lines

Math Magician

Multiplication Math Magician

Mumbo Jumpo

Nouns and Pronouns

Pathways (Numbers Game)

Primary Games

Reading Strategies


Sutraction Math Magician

Word Family Sort

Great School System Websites
Jefferson County


2nd grade comprehension

2nd grade HM stories

3rd grade H.M. Assessments

Books and activities

Books Online

Character Scrapbook

Children's literature power points, games, etc.

Cleveland County N.C.

Fun Ways Parents Can Read With Students

Grades 2 & 3 Literacy Centers

Graphic Organizers

Great Reading Passages and Lessons

HarperCollins Children's Books

Houghton Mifflin

Houghton Mifflin Reading powerpoints 2nd grade


Literacy Learning Centers

Literature Websites

Make Reading Texbooks More Fun

Read Tennessee

Reading Comprehension Worksheets, Book Report Forms, and more

Reading Interactive Sites

Reading lesson plans & resources

Reading plans and activities

Reading Strategies

Sight Words (Fry, Vowels, Syl.)

Smartboard and powerpoint for 3rd grade HM lessons

Story Mapping

The Reading Lady

Social Studies


Economics lessons for 3rd grade

Landform games

Latitude/Longitude map game

Map reading

Map Skills

Songs for Teaching Social Studies (All Grades)

Tn. History for grades 2-5

Awards and Certificates
Awards and Certificates

Success Certificates

tools and templates

Reader's Theatre
Aaron Shepard

Fiction Teachers

Griffin's Readers Theater


Reading Lady

Tacky the Penguin

Teaching heart

Whootie Owl

Smart Board Lessons
100's of elementary smartboard lessons

Animals that Hibernate Concentration Interactive Game

Interactive Assessments Web Sites

Language Arts Interactive Sites

Longwood Central Smartboard Lessons

Longwood Elementary smartboard

Math web sites/ Smartboard/ Games

nteractive activities for math, science, social studies, and language arts

Oak Street / Plattsburgh

Reading Interactive Sites

Rockingham Smartboard for all subjects

Science Interactive Web Sites

Smartboard lessons

Smartboard lessons for all grades

Social Studies Interactive Web Sites

Witchita smartboard lessons

Clip Art
Great Clip Art