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View AED Drills
AED Drills

All Hamblen County schools participated in AED drills while students were present. The drills took place during the Fall and Spring semesters.

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View Teens Against Tobacco Training
Teens Against Tobacco Training

East and West High HOSA students TATU training for Hamblen County. This program is designed for Teens to educate younger students about tobacco prevention.

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View Union Heights Health Fair
Union Heights Health Fair

CSH sponsored a community connection night at Union Heights Elementary. The night included area health organizations giving healthy tips to the Union Heights students and parents.

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View Healthy Heart Day at Witt Elementary
Healthy Heart Day at Witt Elementary

Students in Kindergarten and Pre-K participated in Heart Health Day at Witt Elementary. They rotated between stations that included nutrition, exercise, and education.

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View Witt Elementary Receives Plaque for Largest Group of Runner in the Covenant Healthy Kids Run
Witt Elementary Receives Plaque for Largest Group of Runner in the Covenant Healthy Kids Run

22 students from Witt Elementary completed the Covenant Healthy Kids Rub in Knoxville Tennessee. They received a plaque for the most participation within the Hamblen County School System on Awards Day.

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View UT Extension/TNCEP
UT Extension/TNCEP

The students at Russellville Primary made a healthy drink called "Leprechaun Juice" to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

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View Handwashing at John Hay
Handwashing at John Hay

Nurse Jennifer at John Hay used a black light to demonstrate the importance of handwashing!

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View Child Health Fair
Child Health Fair

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View Healthy Bulletin Boards
Healthy Bulletin Boards

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View Health Screenings
Health Screenings

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View Healthy Hamblen Kids
Healthy Hamblen Kids

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View Healthy Steps- Pre-K program
Healthy Steps- Pre-K program

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View CSH Institute 2010
CSH Institute 2010

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View Back to School Bash
Back to School Bash

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